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The professional workshop of honey production and standardization “ΜΕΛΛΗΝ” was founded in Malandrino, Doris in 2014. Dating back in 1953, Constadine Panayiotopoulos, a firefighter and tailor, a nature and healthy diet enthusiast, started occupying himself with beekeeping. In the beginning, owing 30 bee swarms, he transferred them into the wider region of the Municipality of Delphi, depending on the season and the contemporary weather conditions. So, he created an amateur workshop of honey production, where it is also located now. In the course of time, with the assistance of both his wife, Tassia, and his daughter, Olga, the number of bee swarms and the production of honey was drastically increased. Afterwards, with his son-in-law’s aid, Athanassios, an agriculturalist, they managed to develop the beekeeping business and their effort is still going on up to now. In 2014, the third-generation beekeepers Yannis and Constadine are now coming to complete the effort and move a step forward, having gained all the necessary means.

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Premium Organic Greek Fir Honey 250g MELLIN

High Antibacterial and antioxidant activity, superior to   Manuka honey UMF 24+
€14.00 excl impuestos excluyendo Transporte
equivale a €56.00 por 1 kg(s)

Premium Organic Greek Thyme Honey 250g - MELLIN

Thyme honey exhibited antibacterial activity equal to the worldwide known  MANUKA Honey UMF 24+.
€13.20 excl impuestos excluyendo Transporte
equivale a €52.80 por 1 kg(s)